We have chosen the little polar fox (Naali in Finnish) as a symbol of our company, because it represents the softness and the beauty that we wish to bring to the stays of our customers. And also because it is a symbol of the effects of human activity on the planet and its biodiversity. Naali Travel is a young company concerned about its impact on the planet. We are extremely aware of the threats of global warming that already have an impact on the Arctic regions. But in these times of unprecedented threat in the history of humanity, it is sometimes difficult to know which is the best way of involvement.

That’s why we are extremely humble about the solutions we have put in place. But we will not stop trying to reduce our impact in the future. We are working very hard on that.

1. Balanced Growth and Economic Continuity

• Use of local businesses for renovation work;

• Assistance in setting-up restaurant Tapio and helps it to grow;

• No over-indebtedness;

• Appropriate pricing;

• Cooperation with local companies (husky farm, reindeer farm, local fisherman, local laundry), exchange of services;

• Identification of development target products (photo, ornithology, well-being, seniors…);

• Establishment of a geothermal system for heating buildings (accommodation and restaurant) and hot water. Cost of the works: 100 Keuros. Significant reduction in electricity consumption of at least 15,000 kWh / year;

• Selection, purchase and regular maintenance of quality equipment (skis, snowshoes…) in order to maximize its shelf-life;

• Winter season 2 was fully booked;

• Great customers satisfaction, positive feedbacks, and recommendations to friends;

• Registration and launch of the short stays sales platform via booking.com;

• Sustainability certification obtained from a recognized organization (Green Key);

2. Social sustainability in the region

• The entire renovation work was done by three local companies located a few kilometers from the lodge;

• Assistance in setting-up restaurant Tapio and helps it to grow;

• Purchase of handicrafts for the local population (ceramic objects created in cooperation with Miki Studio), purchase of decoration supplies from Pentik;

• Adjusting our programs according to the capacities and wishes of the different clients (age, family, physical abilities);

• Accessibility for people with reduced mobility in the restaurant;

• Support to local businesses through their own activities (laundry and cleaning services);

• Selection of providers with shared values (Husky Farm, local fisherman) and highlighting traditional and local culture;

• Improvement of access signage.

3. Maintaining Traditions – Cultural Sustainability

• Respect of local architecture and Finno-Scandinavian design during restoration works;

• Choice of construction materials, furniture and decorative objects adapted to their environment, and reuse of existing furniture as much as possible;

• Selection of providers with shared values (Husky Farm, local fisherman) and highlighting traditional and local culture;

• Collaboration with restaurant Tapio that offers a cuisine based on local products and certain ancestral techniques;

• During our guests stays, systematic visit to the Pentik museum that presents Finnish traditions and history of the company;

• Celebration of Finnish holidays (Finnish flag hoisted on the mat) and explanation given to guests on their meaning;

• Learning Finnish games to guests (Mölkky, Pantti…).

4. Natural Wellbeing – Ecological Sustainability

• One of the roles we have set for ourselves is to help our customers become aware of the need to respect nature, to understand our impacts on it, to explain to them the already sensitive effects of global warming in arctic regions and to discuss the joint efforts we need to undertake;

• Signature of a cooperation agreement with Metsähallitus that manages Finnish national parks and reserves. This agreement aims to define the rules while visiting and the respect that each company must show. We are also committed to providing statistics on our visits to ensure a good balance of visitors;

• Narrow our groups to 8 people (maximum capacity of the lodge is 20 person) to avoid the impacts of mass tourism (trampling, noise can disturb wildlife…);

• All our waste is systematically collected during our nature walks and then sorted and recycled as much as possible back to the lodge;

• Choice of reusable cups, plates and utensils from the Finnish company Kupilka made from environmentally friendly Kareline natural fiber so as not to generate waste plastic dishes;

• We don’t include a snowmobile activity in our program, because we consider that this activity is polluting, noisy and it is not an effective way to discover the surrounding nature. It is a strong choice while it is strongly demanded by some thrill-seekers and potential customers (and therefore a source of income). We consider that the use of the snowmobile is justified only for logistical reasons (preparation of tracks, collective transport in a sled);

• Increase the length of stays (4 days to 5 full days on site);

• Minimizing our impact through the installation of a geothermal system that heats all buildings (accommodation and restaurant) and hot water for showers. This allows us to significantly reduce our electricity consumption by a minimum of 15,000 kWh / year;

• Choice of an electricity supplier (Lumo Energia) whose entire electricity is based on renewable energies (wind, sun and hydro);

• Our water comes from the well of our property. Its purity is regularly checked;

• Encourage our customers to reduce their water consumption (showers) to the maximum;

• Buy local products as much as possible to reduce the impact of transport;

• Systematic waste sorting for cardboard and glass;

• we avoid harmful chemicals when cleaning and choose an eco- responsible brand «Ole Hyvä» for cleaning products and toiletries (shower gel, shampoo…);

• Energy saving lamps (park checked);

• Restaurant Tapio, hosted on our premises and that provide full board to our customers, almost exclusively sourced from local suppliers. The menus are periodically adapted according to seasonal products. A considerable effort is made on the conservation of products collected in spring, summer and autumn (herbs, mushrooms, berries) through innovative or ancestral techniques (dehydration, concentration of extracts…). Particular attention is paid to quantity management to minimize food waste;

• To minimize travel and our carbon footprint, we only provide one transfer on the arrival day and on the departure day;

• We are focusing our promotion on European countries so that our guests have a minimum of kilometers to reach us;

• In summer, we advise our guests to go by train between Helsinki and Rovaniemi where we will pick them up.